Why learn Chinese? 为什么要学习中文?

Regardless of what purpose you have in visiting China, it is important for you to communicate in Chinese with the local Chinese people. Reasons such as buy a train ticket at ticketing booth at railway station; order meal and drink at local restaurant or a road side store; call a taxi along the road side or in front of hotel lobby. Can you imagine if you cannot speak a word of Chinese? You cannot read the number; you do not know how to greet others in polite word.

Well, you may say, I am a business man or I am a banker, I can engage a translator. Yes, that is one solution, I want to ask you a question, does your translator be at your side 24 hour? That is impossible, right? Further, are you sure that the translator you engaged provide you with almost 100% translation? Can he/she understand your language perfectly in order to translator your request to your clients accurately? This is something that I noticed not all translator is able to handle a translation job perfectly. So instead of relying on a translator, why not you yourself pick up Chinese? You may said, “wow, that is a tall order for me,I simply cannot speak, read and write in Chinese.”

For all language speaking and reading is always less difficult than writing. Chinese characters are pictographs, they are about 50 to 60 different types can be identified and grouped into as “a family”, based on the manner in which they are formed or derived.  You can derive the meaning once you are able to identify which “family” the word/words belong to.

Interesting, you never know about it. Well, I am able to guide you if you are keen to learn how to speak, read and write Chinese. It is a free course for all who are interested to learn Chinese through this web site only. If you need further coaching with me, we can set-up an online course, you can follow my teaching programmes with small fees. I will use either use Google Classroom App and/or tutors box App to guide you. Contact me at anitav2906@gmail.com if you want a lesson with me. Otherwise, do you own learning by following my lessons post weekly, biweekly or monthly. It is totally free for those who are interested to do self-study.

Business Chinese Syllabus 商务中文课程大纲

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