1st week lesson 第一周

  1. Chinese PinYin : Learn the 24 vowel24个韵母
  2. Contact hour:2 hr
6 simple finals (6个单韵母) a o e i u ü
8 compound finals (8个复韵母) ai ei ui ao ou iu ie üe
5 front nasal finals
an en in un ün
4 back nasal finals
ang eng ing ong
1 special finals (1个特别韵母) er

You need to know how to read all these vowel. please follow this YouTube video we have selected for you. It is an outside source, please note we have no control of it. If you found that the link is broken, please contact us.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aya5rXbol2I

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