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We ❤️ Chinese language. And we 💗teaching and providing guidance to anyone who has interest to learn this old but is a future perfect language. Great service, with a personal touch. That’s our commitment.


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If you have zero foundation and you want to pick up Chinese, because you have business or you want to start a business in China.

Our job starts with you

If you are an busy businessman or a working executive working from dawn to night. You can do your own learning by following the web site lesson at your own time.

Come in, we are open!

If you think it is too difficult for you to pick up this language without a teacher. And you have no time to attend any classroom teaching. We provide lesson online and contact us for further details.

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This is our passion

Chinese is an old language but it is not the past, it is a future perfect. We make sure you learnt once you put in an effort.

Proud to be local

Chinese started as individual local dialect in China, it had gone through thousand years of history to become today’s standard Chinese language. We called it ‘Mandarin’.


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